Final Videos

Client Overview: The Youth Development Champions Project is striving to create strong, inclusive, connected, and resilient communities where all rangatahi, young people, are nurtured, valued, encouraged, mentored, and included. This vision underpins the project’s efforts to empower young people and ensure they have the support and opportunities needed to thrive. Through collaboration and advocacy, the project aims to build a brighter future for all young people, where their voices are heard and their potential is realized.

Project Scope: The Youth Development Champions Project approached us to create a series of explainer videos. The goal was to provide a clear and engaging overview of the project’s objectives, activities, and how individuals could get involved. The videos were intended to be informative and inspiring.


  • Ensuring that the videos effectively communicated the project’s goals and activities to a diverse audience.
  • Creating content that would resonate with individuals in various roles and positions, from educators to community leaders.

Video Concept Development: We began by collaborating with The Youth Development Champions Project team to develop a concept for the videos.

Storyboarding: We created storyboards to visualize the content and flow of the videos.

Animation and Production: Using the approved scripts and storyboards as a guide, we created the animations for the videos. This involved designing characters, backgrounds, and other visual elements to bring the project’s message to life. We also added music to complement the animation and enhance the overall narrative.

Results: The series of explainer videos has been well-received by the target audience. They have effectively communicated the goals and activities of The Youth Development Champions Project. The videos have also helped to raise awareness about the importance of youth development and the role that everyone can play in supporting young people.

Overall, the videos have been a valuable tool for The Youth Development Champions Project, helping to connect individuals in roles that impact young people with practitioners in youth development and fostering a community of champions for youth development.

“Working with Ana and Danny was wonderful! They really took the time to understand the project and the audience we were creating the videos for. They were also very patient and helped to guide us through the process to ensure we felt comfortable at every step of the way.
We’re so happy with the end result. Thank you so much!“

Hamish Keown, Founder Known Consulting