Case Study: Comic and Animation for CLDP Community Grants.
CLDP stands for Community-Led Development Programme.

Client: Tapawera Community.

Project Overview: CLDP offers grants to support community projects. To raise awareness, a comic and an animation were created to explain how CLDP can support smaller community-led initiatives.

Objective:  To demonstrate how CLDP grants empower communities to create positive change from the ground up by leveraging their strengths and assets.

Concept: The comic and animation feature a protagonist, a talented fantail who plays the flute. She discovers other birds in the community with musical talents. Inspired, she decides to organize a community gig but faces challenges in funding and logistics. She learns about CLDP’s grants, and seeks their support.

Conclusion: Through creative storytelling and vibrant visuals, the comic and animation convey a powerful message about the impact of CLDP grants in empowering communities and fostering collaboration.