Client: O2B Healthy

Background: In 2015, Kevin and Nisa approached us after a recommendation from Hogarth (Chocolate). While they were unsure about the specifics, they were drawn to our portfolio and knew they wanted to collaborate with us in some capacity. O2B Healthy had recently completed a rebranding exercise, and the core label designs were finalized.

Objective: Our initial task was to develop the ‘Caring for you, naturally’ campaign, creating a unique identity for each product sub-category. Additionally, we were responsible for print preparation for over 100 O2B products, to be printed on foil labels with different metallic gradient treatments.

Solution: We assisted in designing their website, crafting their business and loyalty cards, and creating regular print and digital advertising campaigns for various products and ranges. Ana also developed a range of characters for their children’s product range, adding a playful element to their branding.

Innovation: To enhance their product imagery, we conducted product photography for O2B Healthy and, more recently, 3D modeled their range of containers. This allowed us to replace photography with photo-realistic renders of old and new products, offering a realistic mock-up and creating sharp imagery for the website without the need for physical production to be photographed.

Results: Our collaboration with O2B Healthy has resulted in a strong business relationship and friendship with Kevin and Nisa. As of 2024, we continue to support O2B Healthy with their branding and design needs, ensuring their products stand out in the market.

This case study demonstrates our ability to provide comprehensive branding and design support, helping clients like O2B Healthy achieve their goals and strengthen their brand identity.

“Ana and Danny have been working on the O2B Healthy rebranding project for the past 12 months. This has involved creating a new identity and collateral including concept development of our multi-platform advertisements though to an entirely new-look website and 200+ product label re-design. The market feedback and customer response has been delightfully satisfying for our business.
We liken working with Ana and Danny as “poetry in motion”. Always there to patiently listen to our creative requests and by adding a touch of their own special magic consistently produce a high standard of work no matter the size or complexity of the project allowing us to achieve our aims.
Danny and Ana consistently demonstrate a unique mix of creative and technical tools to enable our business to compete in a fiercely competitive domestic and global market place. We found a real gem; Sugarcube Creative Studios: innovative, savvy AND economical. Music to our ears – and with many more sweet melodies yet to play – watch this space!”

Kevin & Nisa, Owner Operators