Client: Sugarcube Cards

Background: Sugarcube Cards are a line of Augmented Reality (AR) greeting cards designed and illustrated by Ana and animated by Danny. The project aimed to explore the limits and possibilities of AR technology before offering it as a service.

Objective: The primary goal was to create AR greeting cards that offered a unique and interactive experience for users. Additionally, the project aimed to develop AR ‘Thank you for your order’ cards for businesses, allowing for animated messaging on the same printed design that could be periodically changed without the need for reprinting.

Solution: Ana and Danny focused on a simple, low-cost AR solution that would be perfect for smaller clients to maximize potential return on investment (ROI). They used a service called ‘Eyejack’ based in Australia, which requires a free app download and a QR scan to access the AR content. This approach allowed for the same tracking image (e.g., a client logo) to launch different animations based on the accompanying QR code, providing flexibility and usability.

Results: The Sugarcube Cards project successfully demonstrated the potential of AR technology in greeting cards and business communication. The ‘Thank you for your order’ cards for businesses proved to be particularly effective, offering a dynamic and customizable way to engage with customers without the need for costly reprints. The project highlights Ana and Danny’s innovative approach to AR design and their ability to create engaging and impactful solutions for their clients.

To Experience the Cards:

Please follow the instructions in the image below to see how the cards work.

To see all the range go to Sugarcube Cards.