Sugarcube Cards are a line of Augmented Reality greeting cards designed and illustrated by Ana, and animated by Danny.

We wanted to explore the limits and possibilities of AR technology before offering it as a service. It has led to us creating AR ‘Thank you for your order’ cards for businesses which works really well as the animated messaging on the same printed design can be periodically changed without the need for reprinting.
While there are more expensive solutions that offer greater flexibility (3D objects or multi-layered 2D planes) we focused on a simple low cost solution which is perfect for smaller clients to maximise potential ROI. We used a service based in Australia called ‘Eyejack’ – it requires a free app download and a QR scan but the advantages are that the same tracking image (a client logo) could launch different animations based on the accompanying QR code, rather than using pure image based recognition which would potentially limit usability.

Please follow the instructions in the image below to see how the cards work.

To see all the range go to Sugarcube Cards.