Client Overview: The Rubbish Trip is a zero waste advocacy group based in New Zealand, dedicated to reducing waste and promoting sustainable living practices. Founded by Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince, The Rubbish Trip offers educational resources, workshops, and presentations to inspire individuals and communities to minimize their waste footprint.

Project Scope: The Rubbish Trip approached us to update their website design and logo to better reflect their mission and reach a wider audience. The goal was to create a modern, user-friendly website that would enhance the user experience and strengthen their brand identity.


  • The existing website was outdated and did not effectively communicate The Rubbish Trip’s message.
  • The logo needed a refresh to align with the organization’s values and appeal to a broader audience.
  • The design needed to be accessible and inclusive to cater to a diverse range of users.

Logo Redesign: We began by redesigning The Rubbish Trip’s logo to create a more modern and dynamic look, which included creating several versions. The main logo features an illustration of Hannah and Liam on a tandem bicycle, symbolically traversing a pile of rubbish. The use of bold colors and clean lines gives the logo a fresh and vibrant appeal, while still maintaining a connection to the organization’s waste reduction focus.

Website Redesign: For the website redesign, we focused on creating a clean and intuitive layout that would make it easy for users to find information and engage with the content. We incorporated bright, engaging visuals and user-friendly navigation to enhance the overall user experience. The website was designed to be mobile-responsive, ensuring that it would look great and function smoothly on all devices.

Results: The updated website and logo have helped The Rubbish Trip enhance its online presence and better communicate its message to a wider audience. The new design has received positive feedback from users, who appreciate the modern look and improved usability. The refreshed logo has also helped to strengthen the organization’s brand identity and appeal to a broader range of individuals and communities interested in sustainable living practices.

Overall, the redesign project has been a success, helping The Rubbish Trip further its mission of promoting waste reduction and sustainable living in New Zealand and beyond.

To visit the website click here.

“We want to thank Sugarcube Studios and Ana, who have supported us over more than 3 years with our brand and resources, and we’re so bloody grateful. They created our interactive zero waste shopping map that we released in 2019, and in 2021 Ana created our lovely new logo. Ana and Sugarcube are super professional and have reduced rates for non-profit organisations and eco-conscious companies – making it possible for people like us to be able to afford something special.“

Hannah Blumhardt