Client: Fresh 2 U

Background: In 2017, Lucy Maxwell, owner, and operator of ‘Fresh 2 U’ organic food box delivery service in the Tasman area, approached us to redesign her website. This project was not a simple theming exercise; the website would play a crucial role in the daily operations of her business. It needed to be structured to allow Lucy to update availability weekly, facilitate regular box membership sign-ups, and enable custom produce ordering with multiple delivery, pickup, and payment options.

Objective: The primary objective was to design and build a website that could seamlessly integrate with the daily operations of Fresh 2 U. The website had to be user-friendly for both Lucy and her customers, offering a smooth experience for browsing products, placing orders, and managing memberships.

Solution: In 2017, we designed and built the Fresh 2 U website using WordPress. The site was custom-tailored to meet Lucy’s specific requirements, allowing her to easily update product availability, manage memberships, and offer various delivery, pickup, and payment options.

Results: The redesigned website helped Fresh 2 U streamline its operations and provide a more convenient and efficient service to its customers. However, as of our last update, Lucy has had to close her business. The website, though no longer in operation, served Fresh 2 U and its customers effectively during its time, demonstrating its impact and success while the business was active.

This case study showcases our ability to create tailored solutions for our clients, addressing their unique needs and delivering results that have a lasting impact on their business.

“Ana & Danny from Sugarcube were the perfect Website Designers for me. They were so accommodating to my busyness & status as working mum, letting me bring my kids to meetings & working within my crazy schedule & random communications with patience & professionalism. It was great to have the combo of their personalities and areas of expertise, they are a great package & they work so well together – this really helped with my particular website issues & I am sure that they could deal with much more complex requirements with just as much ease & style. I am constantly complimented on my website & technical help/changes/updates are never a problem so I would highly recommend them.”

Lucy Maxwell