Client: (formerly Vodafone)

Brief Overview: approached Ana with a unique challenge: to avoid the traditional, serious approach often associated with charity initiatives and create a memorable brand act for their One Good Kiwi (OGK) program. They wanted to spotlight their OGK Ambassador, Ardie Savea, in a creative and engaging way to raise funds for charitable causes.


The primary goal was to build a children’s book that would not only celebrate Ardie Savea as a Good Kiwi but also inspire children with his story, ultimately raising funds for One Good Kiwi charities. The aim was to create a heartwarming narrative that would resonate with children and families, highlighting the values of goodness and positivity that Ardie embodies.


To achieve this, proposed a storytelling approach that would present Ardie Savea as a role model and a hero in the eyes of children. The book would focus on his journey, showcasing his kindness, determination, and the values that make him a Good Kiwi. By framing his story in a simple, engaging narrative, aimed to capture the imagination of young readers and instill in them the importance of goodness and community.


Ana played a pivotal role in the project, working directly with the editor from Penguin, the marketing manager and the creative director from to bring the book to life. Ana art directed the illustrations from Kurawaka Studios, ensuring they captured the essence of Ardie’s story and resonated with the target audience. Ana also storyboarded the narrative and created the layout of the book, crafting a visually appealing and engaging experience for young readers.


The Ardie Savea children’s book project was a great success, achieving several key outcomes:

1. Brand Awareness: The book helped to raise awareness of the One Good Kiwi program and its mission, reaching a wide audience of children and families.

2. Fundraising: Proceeds from the sale of the book went directly to Kiwi Christmas books, supporting their valuable work in the community.

3. Positive Impact: The book had a positive impact on readers, inspiring them to emulate Ardie’s example of kindness and goodness in their own lives.

Ana’s involvement in the project highlights her diverse skills and ability to collaborate effectively with clients and other stakeholders. Her creative vision and attention to detail were instrumental in bringing the Ardie Savea children’s book to life.

Once the book was printed Danny created animated banners that show the front illustration of Ardie running.

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